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Griffin Krueger, our CS:GO team manager is all about winning. While being silver and thinking he should be Gold Nova, he has a wealth of knowledge surrounding Counter-Strike and it's competitive scene. His main goal is setting up the team to win.

Griffin "krueger" Krueger

Team Manager

Kobe "Dyspepsia" Boozikee


Twitter: @kobebooz

A dedicated player always ready to face a new challenge. He knows how to catch the opponent off guard and will do whatever it takes to come away with the win.

Peter "Klart" Fraioli

Entry Fragger

Started playing CS: GO in 2015 and he realized he had potential at the game so he started playing more on ESEA rather than regular matchmaking and made it all to way A+.

Dallas "Poxteria" Leffew


Twitter: @Poxteria

I bring to the table a solid AWP skill, high impact fragging and the ability to secondary call. I am a solid anchor on sites and I am the best awper in Florida.

Twitter: @eric6591

Youngblood from up north bred to frag out and frag out on opponents you can expect me to get nutty frags and clutch rounds on the regular, top dog any way you look at it.

Eric "Rinku" Nung


Jake "Frostiie" Van Pelt


Twitter: @Frostiie3

Frostiie downloaded CS: GO to take a break from COD. He was really good at the game. He reached Global in matchmaking but didn't like the matchmaking experience so he decided to try out ESEA.

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